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Harmonize and fineness are essential qualities of the art of Denoël.
Extract of Roger Forissier (December 1981)

Born in a country from light and colors, where the sky and the ground are opposed and superimposed, a entrechat, an arabesque, a set to partners, after its beginnings in the art of the dance, DENOEL is devoted entirely to painting. Its country of birth gave him the direction of the matter, the color and the opposition of the values. When its family left Marrackech in Morocco, his brothers settled partly in Canada, in Spain and in the States Unis. The artistic world in which it evolved brought a spirit of synthesis and a taste for the voyages to him. Space and water will remain the elements of inspiration of the artist. That it is, lakes, rivers or oceans, works of DENOËL let the spirit sail on its paintings. Quebec offers its unbounded white horizons to him in which the artist plays between the purity of the plains and the power of the sky.In its artistic universe DENOËL had the honor to meet during its prestigious exhibitions, of Presidents significant which knew to appreciate the purity of its pictorial work.

Artist CV

Swiss artist, born in 1934.
Lives in Geneva (Switzerland) and Montreal (Canada).

Graduated from the DECORATIVE ART SCHOOL of Geneva (Switzerland)
Graduated from the DECORATIVE ART SCHOOL of Paris (France)

First drawings & inks

International Art Shows

  • Salon d'Automne - Paris, France
  • Art Expo - Geneva, Switzerland
  • First Art Contemporary Show - Evian, France
  • First Art Exhibition in the Château d'Eze - Monaco, Monaco
  • National Art Show - Montreal, Canada
  • Florida Art Show - Fort Lauderdale, USA
  • Exhibition at the Musée de l'Athénée - Geneva, Switzerland

Denoël at the Musée de l'Athénée

International important collectors

  • Ronald Reagan, USA
  • Jacques Chirac (French President), France
  • Freri Industrie Genève, Switzerland
  • Dr. P. B. Kean, OMS, Switzerland

French Plenipotentiary minister
and geneva consul

Jacques Chirac receiving a Denoël artwork in Montreal (Canada)

Swiss collectors

  • UBS (Union des Banques Suisses), Switzerland
  • Hoffman Laroche, Switzerland
  • Credit Suisse, Switzerland
  • Société des Banques Suisses, Switzerland
  • Union des horlogers de la Suisse, Switzerland
  • Musée de l'Athénée, Geneva, Switzerland

International collectors

  • Société Générale - Paris, France
  • Naf Naf Importator - Montreal, Canada
  • Ernst & Young - Montreal, Canada
  • Davis Ward Phillips & Vineberg - Montreal, Canada
  • Swiss Embassy - China
  • McCray, Hewett & Associates - Los Angeles, USA

Special projects

  • Illustration for CD case of the french actor Jean-Claude Brialy
  • Special edition of lithographies "Hommage à Magritte"

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